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Verticent is one of the most powerful business software for running your enterprise. It seamlessly integrates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with e-commerce capabilities, and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module featuring Sales Force Automation and Customer Support systems, among others. It also features optional management modules targeting various industries that are surprisingly applicable to a range of inventory attribute management problems that general ERP systems cannot handle.

ERP Delivery Models

CompSoft has provided on-demand tools in many scalable formats for companies in many industries. We develop an operational platform which simplifies the management of all of your on-demand applications and can reduce up-front project and infrastructure costs by up to 50% over traditional methods.

We manage your enterprise application deployments with less complexity using our proven tools and methodologies - successfully meeting regulatory compliance challenges is an added benefit. Our experience and competencies in SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Verticent applications help speed your projects without resource investment. Our ERP solutions are available in the following delivery models:


CompSoft provides an enterprise application development environment, including preconfigured enterprise software from independent software vendors (ISVs) and associated support services.
This infrastructure development offering is designed for offsite development work using enterprise software from leading ISVs.
Our deployment methodologies for development provide:

Rapid project start
Expertise available as needed
Freedom for your IT staff to focus on maintenance of high production support standards, CompSoft handles the technical project activities.

Full Service

CompSoft provides an end-to-end solution that supports fully hosted and managed enterprise applications to mission-critical systems delivered by our ERP. Our ERP business is our core business. CompSoft has developed tools, processes and automations designed to optimize performance, streamline your operations and eliminate rework. You can save 25 - 50% or more on your enterprise systems.


Scalability of project plans is the name of the game in any cost containment strategy. In all projects, especially ERP development and implementation plans, CompSoft strives to assist customers to reduce costs, defer large up-front cash outlays, avoid large projects but expand functionality of your enterprise applications. Eliminate the challenges of hiring and training an onsite team by using CompSoft's ERP engineers to provide remote applications management services for your enterprise applications running on your infrastructure including:

Expert management of your enterprise applications
Around-the-clock applications monitoring
Applications administration
Patch management
Applications database and systems administration

Professional Services

Professional Services cover applications management and infrastructure services designed to reduce your cost of enterprise applications throughout the entire application lifecycle.

CompSoft brings a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world experience to our ERP software clients. Combining functional and expertise, our consultants bring proven methods and proprietary tools to save our clients time and money. Our consultants handle a wide-range of activities from turnkey project management and ERP system implementation to on-site technical and application support. Throughout our methodology, the focus is on the improvement of the processes comprising the client's business operations, not on existing and/or proposed technology. Our objective is to be held accountable for producing successful outcomes for our clients and using our methodology to define the best ERP solution and then address the appropriate supporting technology.


CompSoft has a legacy of assessing and leveraging in-house resources to reveal to clients:

Reduction in operational costs supported by existing ERP solutions
New implementation strategies
Value-added development projects
System simplification strategies


CompSoft makes quality assurance affordable through on-demand functional and performance testing. Testing services available for SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Verticent.

Our ERP testing service is ideal for development as well as production projects, especially after a major patch application. We can deliver the benefits of automated testing, including reduced human error and improved quality, while overcoming the traditional cost and complexity barriers of automated testing solutions. Additional options are designed to enable you to execute testing scripts in repeated iterations or as required.

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