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Mission Statement
Value Proposition
What We Think
"We don't view Compsoft as a vendor or service provider, but as members of
our own development team. Beyond reliable and thorough, our partners at
Compsoft really understand our business and make crucial contributions during
design and implementation phases of any project".
Compsoft delivers what it promises. We have been able to implement our web tool, customized exactly the way we want with little effort. Their consultants are friendly and really go out of their way to give us exactly what we want. We have started using CompSoft on other projects because they are cost effective and understand what we want.
When we were looking for a development company to create an e-commerce application, we knew that there were a lot of companies to choose from. Thank goodness we chose CompSoft. They were able to guide us to the right solution, given their expertise and their knowledge in our industry. We plan to continue using them as our e-commerce needs evolve and become more complex.
Tridim Filter Corporation
Not only does CompSoft handle our systems needs, they make our projects worry-free. We have access to everyone from the CEO to consultants and can tap into all of their knowledge and expertise. We look to them as experts in the fields as our clients look to us as experts.
Through CompSoft, I was able to receive expert training and global business knowledge and experience that very few IT companies offer. They gave me the tools and the resources that I needed to land a great project with a multinational company here in Chennai. They really take care of their consultants.
I never thought that I could work for Cigna, but through CompSoft, I was able to gain industry experience by working on Cigna projects. The CompSoft managers are friendly and eager to help me succeed. And I have the opportunity to work for other top-named companies as well. I'm fortunate to have CompSoft as an employer.
Sendhil Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy
The training and projects that CompSoft offers trainees are really great. I have been able to work with multinational companies on different types of IT projects. Everyone on my team is very well educated and well liked by the client. We really work as a team, and work together strive to make the client happy. It's really more like a family. We all work with a sense of excellence, and CompSoft supports us in all ways.

Ramkumar Sridharan

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