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More and more customers are looking to CompSoft for large-scale, complex development and integration programs that will give them lasting business advantage. Our ERP solutions consultants are ready. In fact, the team is already solving intricate IT challenges for some of our most sophisticated customers.

CompSoft improves the value of your ERP implementation, leveraging our domain expertise to deliver focused solutions in telecommunications, financial services, insurance, manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare and other industries. Leveraging the company's tradition of excellence and having intimate knowledge of customer needs, CompSoft is positioned to drive high-quality, enterprise-level solutions for the most complex IT challenges, but with response times and affordability companies have not experienced before. To support the higher-order needs of those businesses, we have assembled a potent blend of attributes of vertical market expertise, superior technical knowledge and global experience to combat complexity in clients’ IT environments.

Our mission is to deliver capable, proven, enterprise-level solutions with the benefits of an on-site staff and the economics of offshoring. The group is rapidly melding a top-notch program management team, the deep technology and architecture capability, the next-generation delivery capabilities, and the technology tools needed to execute large-scale programs superbly.

The CompSoft philosophy is all about improving the ratio between quality and cost based on a clear understanding of the big-picture issues affecting your company and your industry. We get results in myriad ways, helping organizations build improved relationships with their customers, vendors, workforce, and shareholders. Our enterprise solutions approach is about improving a company’s relationship with itself.

For example, we tailor solutions that can help you implement and integrate the leading ERP packages, including SAP, Verticent, and Oracle. Consolidating your IT systems and IT support, too, may be in order – especially with new versions of software emerging in the market every 18 months.


For many organizations, ERP systems are the transaction systems of record. As the demands of global commerce require enterprises to become more agile and adaptive, ERP systems are providing a hub from which strategic business initiatives, ranging from supplier management to product life cycle management, supply chain optimization, and customer relationship management are supported or integrated. Understanding that, CompSoft provides experienced architects with technical leadership in emerging technology areas to create reusable assets such as reference architectures and frameworks.

CompSoft ERP solutions provide
Adaptive blueprint for enterprise architecture
Templates for e-business
ESS e-business reference architecture
Proven methodologies to support optimal performance and scalable solutions


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