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CompSoft has developed an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) methodology with faster implementation schedules, broader, less expensive connectivity options and stronger security and management capabilities. It provides existing EAI solutions with high-performance, scalable, reliable connectivity to XML and Web services. It allows enterprises to move towards an Enterprise Services Bus architecture offering exceptional flexibility and agility. Our products deliver comprehensive web services management and security infrastructure solutions for XML and Web services.

CompSoft's enterprise integration solutions are often used for real-time, mission critical applications. While XML and Web services offer considerable cost benefits, they do introduce concerns over performance. A web services management fabric can eliminate this concern by providing SLA and performance monitoring tools, and by delivering powerful load-balancing and path-routing mechanisms to ensure effective load distribution for performance, scalability and reliability. This fabric can also provide broader connectivity across a wide-range of transports.

The real value of XML and Web services is achieved when service consumers can be fully abstracted from the supplier end-points. As the applications are upgraded and otherwise evolve, the EAI solution needs to ensure that it can continue to communicate with them without needing constant upgrade.

Most large enterprises have invested heavily in EAI technologies. Web services are not a replacement for these EAI solutions. Rather, they offer a solution that delivers faster and cheaper implementations, and better abstraction from changes made to existing EAI solutions. To fully take advantage of Web services, enterprises must be able to deliver end-to-end security and management for the integration paths between the EAI framework and the applications it brings together.


CompSoft USA and CompSoft India help clients integrate new services necessary to remain competitive while leveraging their existing infrastructures.

Our EI services can help clients become on-demand businesses by integrating their business processes end-to-end across the enterprise and with key partners, suppliers and customers to enable them to respond with speed-to-customer demands and market opportunities.

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